Supporting Your Business

Your Share of Fees
Our annual management fee is 0.75% and the intermediary fee is typically 0.5%. For an illustration in cash terms, please see Our Fees and Charges. You are, of course, free to structure your own fees around our service.

Reduced Regulatory Risk
We are in an increasingly litigious society, and therefore the selection of investments and individual funds for clients by intermediaries is an increasing business risk.

The FCA are also looking ever more closely into the research and selection criteria adopted by intermediaries when selecting investment recommendations for clients.

These risks are reduced when you outsource the investment management service to Prospect.

High Quality Offering For Your Clients
The investment service is of a similar standard to that provided to the largest institutional investors.

You and your clients deal only with experienced and qualified investment professionals at all times.

Client Expectations Management
Our risk profiling process ensures clients select the right asset mix for their needs and have realistic return expectations. The potential for disappointments and misunderstandings are thereby reduced.

High Calibre Systems Backing
Raymond James provide all back office services for Prospect.

Raymond James has a particular expertise in the delivery of simple but sophisticated solutions to the complex needs of private clients. A capability supported by state of the art risk management and research tools.

Free Up Resources for Business Development
By outsourcing investment management you reduce the burden of your investment administration and leave more time for business development and core financial planning advice.

Process, Performance and Risk Control
We apply modern, quantitative disciplines to bring objectivity to our investment decisions and so avoid the pitfalls associated with emotional responses to market movements. These disciplines are supported by research from some of the leading global financial institutions.

Our goal is to out-perform the client’s benchmark over a rolling three years while at the same time limiting the risk of underperformance.

Improve Your Business
Build a valuable recurring income stream or enhance existing revenues in this area without increased business risk.

Potentially reduce your PI cover costs by outsourcing investment management.

Increase the exit value of your business.

Benefit from our marketing support offered in acquiring new clients.

Enhance service standards and range of services provided by giving your clients and your advisers access to investment experts.