Fees and Charges

The illustration of charges below should be read in conjunction with our standard Statement of Fees and Charges document (SOFAC).

Prospect Wealth Management is remunerated by Retail Clients for the service provided by an Investment Management Fee and Dealing Charges. Typically these fees are expressed as a percentage of the initial sum under management (Initial Charge) and the subsequent sums at each valuation point (Investment Management Fee), whilst the Dealing Charges are expressed as a percentage of the sum under consideration. For example:

Investment Management Fee
This payment covers the investment management of your portfolio and is paid by deduction from the current value of your portfolio, quarterly in arrears, with a final proportionate payment up to the date of termination of your portfolio. Please refer to our SOFAC for further details:

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 19.25.19

As the value of your investment portfolio increases, correspondingly the amount of the Investment Management Fee also increases. As an example after one year, if the value of your portfolio increases by 10% the Investment Management Fee would increase as below:

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 19.26.27

Dealing Charges

Screenshot 2014-03-10 12.35.44

Screenshot 2014-03-10 12.36.00
Facilitating payments to financial advisers
Where you have been introduced to Raymond James by a third party such as your financial adviser, and where you have instructed us to facilitate payment of your financial adviser’s fee from your Raymond James account, we will make this payment in accordance with your instruction. If you need further information about this process, please refer to your financial adviser.