Financial Planning and Tax


  • We focus on maximising total return rather than on just income or capital.
  • We will not refrain from selling if there is a taxable gain – we do not let the tax tail wag the dog!
  • However, we will review the capital gains position annually to ensure tax allowances are used where practicable and will liaise with you to take into account other external asset transactions.
  • We offer joint accounts so tax benefits can be maximised.
  • We can provide investment ISAs to save your client tax.
  • Pensions – we can’t give advice but we do manage the investments in SIPPs.
  • Trusts used for IHT planning – set up by a solicitor or an IFA and managed by Prospect.
  • Cash flow analysis – to show your client how different levels of withdrawal, or different investment strategies, may affect the future value of their portfolio.
  • Consolidated Tax Voucher (CTV) annually – this details the portfolio’s investment income received over the year.