Why Prospect?

Comprehensive Solutions
We ensure that your investment strategy takes account of your total wealth and takes advantage of the most appropriate tax mitigation strategies. We offer discretionary investment management within a range of tax-advantaged wrappers such as Individual Savings Accounts, Self Invested Pension Plans, Offshore Bonds and Trusts.

Risk and Return Explained
The decision as to how much risk to take will typically determine your future returns. We explain, in clear, understandable terms, what you should expect from different types of investments. We also explain how blending these different investments together can reduce risk and improve long-term return potential. You can then be confident that your investment strategy is properly aligned to your needs.

Investment Strategies for Every Situation
We offer discretionary investment in a wide range of assets to meet most clients’ needs: money markets, bonds, equities and alternative investments such as hedge funds, commercial property and commodities. We recognise that diversification is a key component in modern portfolio management and seek to exploit a wide range of investment opportunities.

Meaningful Benchmarks
We ensure that every portfolio is given a benchmark that is directly related to its risk and return profile. This means that you can judge objectively whether we are delivering the performance you expect. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Objective Decision-making
We apply modern, quantitative investment disciplines to bring objectivity to our investment decision. Supported by research from some of the leading global financial institutions, this is designed to avoid the pitfalls associated with emotional responses to market movements. Our goal is to out-perform your benchmark while at the same time to limit the risk of underperformance.

Direct Investment
Using our proprietary valuation methods we aim to add value through the selection of undervalued stocks and bonds in the UK. This means you can see what you own and also helps to keep costs to a minimum. In international and alternative asset classes we select funds that complement our investment philosophy and provide value for money.

Investment Performance
Click here to see details of the past total returns (capital plus income) on each of the components of our portfolios and for overall portfolios at each level of risk. Each element is compared with a relevant benchmark so our results can be judged objectively.

Tax Efficiency
Your investments can be held in a variety of tax advantaged wrappers such as investment ISAs, pension schemes and offshore bonds. We also seek to structure family accounts in the most tax efficient manner and to take advantage of your allowances wherever they are available.

Personal Investment Manager
A professional investment manager will be allocated to your account. Your manager will be readily accessible to discuss all aspects of your wealth management.

Transparent Reporting
You will receive quarterly investment reports that show the value of your assets and compare the performance on your portfolio to your own specific benchmark. That way you’ll be able to see whether you are on track to meet your long term objectives. You will also be able to keep track of your portfolio over the internet.

Competitive Charges
We are committed to transparency in disclosing all of the costs applicable to your portfolio. We charge a 1.0% annual management fee (plus VAT). After establishing your portfolio, dealing commissions will typically add around 0.5% per annum. Discounts on fees are available for substantial portfolios. Full details of our tariff are in our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Operational Strength
Prospect Wealth Management is a branch office of Raymond James Investment Services, whose parent company controls assets of approximately $727billion for over 3 million clients worldwide (as at 31 December 2017).